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I am an American businessman, now residing in Encinitas, California, after almost 10 years in Russia and 1 in Brazil. While in Russia, I lived in Sochi (home of the 2014 Winter Games) for almost 4 years, where I founded the successful events firm- Destination Sochi.  Destination Sochi provided services to Olympic broadcasters, sponsors and partners in the 2 year period before and during the 2014 Winter Games.  It was the largest and most successful of the firms to do so.  Later, I opened Destination Rio in Brazil and provided the same services to companies there.

I was born in South Dakota, where I grew up on a farm and attended South Dakota State University.  I paid for my education by working on fishing boats in the Gulf of Alaska in the summers.  After finishing university, I moved to California, where I worked for several investment banking firms, including a stint of 17 years with one company as one of its top producers.  After this, I decided that I wanted to take part in the growth that I witnessed in Russia.  So, I studied Russian with a tutor in California and later moved there.  I had much experience in Russia buying and selling property and working on various development projects in the Black Sea Region.  I also spent several years cultivating political and business contacts in the Republic of Abkhazia and advised the government on privatization of their state-owned projects.  

Now, my family and I are enjoying living in the United States, especially the warm weather and convenience that Florida offers to us!

My interests including travel (nearly 60 countries, so far), film, good books, good food, exercise, scuba diving and my family is my top priority in life!